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We offer a variety of programs and products to help anyone navigating the Third Age journey. Please click the buttons below to explore what we offer.

Programs & Products for Renewal and Response-Ability after 50

Third Age Thriving! A Grower’s Guide

An Online Self-Guided Program

  • This is a comprehensive course for individuals navigating their own Third Age journey.
  • The program offers easy, unlimited and ongoing access to the in-depth teachings, resources, and exercises of our program.
  • Options include personal coaching sessions with Nancy or Melita.
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Thriving! A Grower’s Guide


  • Available in e-book format
  • This 125+ page Self-Study Guide with our unique “third age” framework and proven exercises helps you to create what you want for the second half of your life!
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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Individuals seeking personal renewal, redirection and an increased ability to respond to the opportunities and challenges of third age will benefit from the personal coaching services we offer. Individuals may wish to pursue one-on-one coaching with Nancy or Melita.

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