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Personal Coaching for Third Age Renewal and Response-Ability ~ one-on-one or small group

Individuals seeking personal renewal, redirection and an increased ability to respond to the opportunities and challenges of third age will benefit from the personal coaching services we offer.  Individuals may wish to pursue one-on-one coaching with Nancy or Melita; alternatively, you may choose to put together your own small group and enjoy the group coaching experience.

How Does Third Age Coaching Benefit YOU? It helps you to…

  • Share your story honestly and be heard without judgment
    As you talk with your coach about where you are in life, your coach guides you to clarify your important values and what you want from your life and work.
  • Define Positive “R” possibilities for life and work after 50
    Rather than seeing the midlife and third age years from 50-80 only through media images of decline, deterioration and disengagement, you can see the myriad possibilities of Third Age and build positive images of renewal, reinvention and redirection.
  • Create new visions for a fulfilling Third Age
    To capitalize on your new possibilities, you turn them into a vision that is personally compelling and inspirational enough to move you forward.
  • Turn your vision into reality
    You identify the steps and make the powerful decisions that lead you to a rewarding Third Age.

What IS Our Third Age Coaching Process?

Our “Coaching for Third Age Renewal and Response-Ability™” process is a series of one on one coaching sessions with Nancy, Melita, or one of our trained and licensed third age coaches, either in person, by phone, whichever works best for you.  The process includes:

  • Initial Assessment: A free 30 minute “Does this fit?” conversation where you and the coach determine if coaching would serve you at this time.
  • Pre-work: A thought-provoking self-assessment, completed independently by you, which indicates your hopes and fears regarding your own Third Age.
  • One on One Coaching: Ongoing coaching sessions that focus on your own needs relative to specific Third Age themes/principles, each session building upon previous work. The number, length and frequency of the coaching sessions will be co-designed by you and your coach.
  • Homework: In between sessions you follow up and use our supplemental Grower’s Guide containing challenging exercises and activities, stimulating questions and templates for action planning.
  • Follow-Up:  An optional follow-up session after the series of sessions is completed.

What Does Our Third Age Group Coaching Process Give YOU?

Our group coaching process uses the same general process and materials as our one-on-one coaching process. (See above.) By telephone or in person you work with a small group of like-minded third-agers to assess your current situation and chart your new course.

      Additional Benefits: Each group of participants is facilitated by Nancy or Melita and includes these additional benefits.

  • The companionship, support and encouragement of your coaching group peers.
  • The Coaching Group’s creative ideas and collective wisdom for moving forward.

How do you get started?

Individual coaching with Nancy or Melita is $85/hour. To get started, please contact us directly to coordinate.

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