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After many months of development we are excited to launch our redeveloped website featuring our newest offerings.  You might say it has gone through its own period of midlife renewal! We hope you find inspiration in our readings and benefit from our products to help you on your Third Age journey.  Sign up for our newsletter to enjoy our periodic blog posts – we promise your information will stay just with us!  Continue reading below for our first blog from Nancy, reflecting on her personal experience of moving into the autumn of her life.

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Reflections from Nancy:

Here we are at end of October, yet another fall month of transition almost gone.  The very hot days of August here in Minnesota have given way to cool, rainy weather this past September and October: premonitions of winter for sure.  I typically feel a tinge of nostalgia and sadness that the glories of spring and summer are left behind. Lake fun has ended, school started, the cold wind blows across the prairie and we’ve all gotten back to work in earnest.

This season is a mirror of our lives as we grow older.  In this long period from 50 – 75 that some call “third age” we move away from the heady days of professional success and/or raising children into a more reflective mode. We may ask questions like “What do I want to do with my life now—especially in this troubled world situation?  What is my purpose now?  How do I want to live meaningfully? How can I best be of service to myself and others?”

These questions are even more vital in our lives as we navigate these tension filled times. Yet along with this desire to grow personally and to contribute to a life-affirming planetary culture our aging bodies are also changing. In the past three years I’ve had a few bad falls that are limiting my ability to walk with ease.  And even though I expect to more fully recover, this makes me ever more aware that my time here is limited, that like the summer, I’m moving from fall into winter. Given that reality, how can I be my best self?

This understanding of greater aging can sadden me at times yet paradoxically I feel as if I’m in the height of my powers. I seem to have more keen insight into people and situations; I am more aware of allowing my feelings and letting go; and my desire to make a positive difference is more urgent. I have a heightened sense of my aliveness.

The birds flying in their southern migration; the yellow birch and russet oak shedding their leaves; the prairie grasses where I live waving golden brown in the wind as they prepare for winter—these speak to me of the same life flowing through and nourishing all of us. Perhaps the best is not just yet to be but right now!





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