Choices, Choices!

Now that we’re in January, I’m wondering how many of us are following our new year’s resolutions. Since I actually didn’t start on mine til this week, I’m still good to go-but I know that challenges lie ahead. So far, I’m tending to my body a bit better by eating less chocolate and walking 3-4 times a week, with an occasional yoga class thrown in. After lots of travel last fall and celebrating during the holiday season I feel uncomfortably over-stuffed and out of shape. My wish is to be able to fit in my clothes comfortably and to feel strong and flexible.


I read something comforting in the New York Times the other day: those who make resolutions at the beginning of the year are more likely to change their behavior than those that don’t. So even if we go astray periodically, it’s good to know that something good-perhaps a gradual cumulative effect– comes from the resolving. However, there could be a better way than using just will-power and enforced discipline.

Years ago, I read a book (The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz) and took a class on the power of visioning – of creating a detailed picture in your mind of what you want and then allowing the compelling nature of that vision to draw you towards it. The notion being that in my case here if I held that vision of comfortable, strong, and flexible alongside my current state of stuffed and stiff I would feel compelled towards health! And I would discover and act on HOW to do that during my vision quest. Fritz wrote that the strategies and steps along the way to realizing your vision would unfold as you went along. Since you would be so aware of your vision and see it so clearly in contrast to where you were, how to get there would emerge in the complex of your daily life.

lakeI have tried this process many times since about big and smaller things – and have found that it can work-though it may take patience! 17 years ago I painted my ideal picture of living near woods and water in a vibrant community and ta dah, I’ve now lived in the St. Croix River Valley for 15 years. Is it magic? Well not really. I had to seriously choose to leave the city and to let my friends know that was what I wanted. I connected with others that had already made the leap and we all kept our eyes open for opportunities–which eventually came along. Then I had to make other big choices like leaving my city job and forming my own consulting business in order to avoid the daily commute. There were many choices along the way but my intention was clear and I was able to recognize and welcome Synchronicity when she came as a playful angel bringing surprises of “right places at right times” to help me realize my dream.

Now it seems like it’s time to invite her in again for helping create a vibrant, vital and healthy me! And I want her over my shoulder especially as I’m adding “for the sake of” to my intention. Why do I want health and vitality? So I can deeply enjoy my life AND be of service in this world! And I’ll extend that as a wish to all of you!

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