Alpine Adventures and Aging

  For the last 3 years I’ve struggled with 2 broken hips and a hip replacement.  Some of the pins that held my broken bones together were misplaced so that caused arthritis which required the [...]

Valentine’s Day and the Caring Heart

Valentine’s Day celebrates romantic love but has also come to signal all kinds of love.  In addition to the flowers, chocolate and candlelit dinner for couples “in love” it is an occasion for good friends [...]

Finding the Joy

It is December 10th and the holiday season is in full swing.  My only grandchild – a beautiful, feisty little girl who is almost 3 – just experienced the full wonder of the season by [...]

The Light in the Darkness

Realistic Optimism: Is there such a thing? Here in Minnesota the last week has been grey and damp.  Yesterday a fresh snow lightly covered the fading fall browns but the sun hasn’t been seen for [...]

Hello again!

  Welcome to the new Third Age Partners website! After many months of development we are excited to launch our redeveloped website featuring our newest offerings.  You might say it has gone through its own [...]

The Gift of the Unpredictable

Spring is supposed to be about rebirth and renewal yet to be honest, I'm not seeing it. In Vermont on the first day of spring we were digging out from 8 inches of fresh snow. [...]

Perspectives on Letting Go

Just one week ago I closed the doors for the final time on the family home in New Jersey where I was born and raised – the home that has been in our family for [...]

One Stroke at a Time

Fear of anything new, any break in routine or habit, can be daunting. For me, putting on a swimsuit and going to a pool feels as daunting as any major life change might. During the [...]

Choices, Choices!

Now that we’re in January, I’m wondering how many of us are following our new year’s resolutions. Since I actually didn’t start on mine til this week, I’m still good to go-but I know that [...]

Cleaning House

When I was younger I always thought it was so sad when I would see people getting rid of their “stuff” – their accumulated possessions of a lifetime. They’d always say “I don’t need this [...]

Hummingbird Alert

“Hummingbird Alert!” announced my husband as he walked into my office. “What?”, I thought. It’s only March 31st. We still have the markers up along our driveway to guide the snow plow driver, clinging to [...]

Taking Time for Letting Go

This is the season of letting go. As we move into the mid November time of late fall the low slant of diminishing light portends an even deeper darkness for the months ahead. Fall has [...]

Living Through Loss

Very recently I lost my dear, sweet little pug dog, Olivia, at age 14½. We had been together for more than 11 years. For nine of those years I’d been working from home, so we [...]


I am what’s known as a “clam digger” – a person born and raised at the New Jersey Shore in the town of Point Pleasant. While I live now in Vermont, I’m a Jersey Shore [...]

Into Winter

Daylight Savings Time arrived last week in Minnesota so now we have darkness at the end of the afternoon rather than at early morning! But there is no saving of daylight by mere mortals! Darkness [...]