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3AQ Assessment

If you want to assess your readiness for renewal in Third Age take a few minutes to complete The Third Age Quotient below. Select the appropriate response and then press the button to determine your “yes” score.

1. Are you 45 or over?
2. Are you an “empty nester?”
3. Are you dissatisfied with your work?
4. Do you yearn for “something more” in your life?
5. Do you question the meaning of your work or life?
6. Do you feel an urge to break out and do something different?
7. Does the thought of your own aging and death seem real to you?
8. Are you bothered by how you look as you grow older?
9. Do you want your close relationships to be more intimate?
10. Do you feel the need for more reflection time?
11. Do you feel mostly discouraged about your future?
12. Are there passions and talents that you want to rediscover and develop?
13. Do you find it difficult to imagine new opportunities for yourself?
14. Does the need for financial security stop you from making changes?
15. Does the thought of your own mortality motivate you to make changes?